Elevation stone

An unusual decoration of your home

Gneiss is a great material for many applications, used for example as façade stone. Natural stone can successfully play the role of a building material, which allows attractive and eye-catching finishes of external walls of houses, villas or public buildings.

Dignity and elegance, while at the same time harmonious reference to nature, is an effect that can be obtained by using TESM gneiss tiles for the façade.

The high grade of aggregate and its excellent technical and decorative qualities make the gneiss façade stone an ideal material to complete dreamed projects and meet the most demanding expectations of customers. It is characterized by directional texture and natural diversity, giving the building an exceptional character and charm.

TESM proposes unique tiles for façade applications with interesting patterns and original structure. The façade stone loses nothing on its frost resistance, strength and colour over time, keeping its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Gneiss is a universal and timeless material that is a league of its own. Thanks to its versatility, it may be well applied both in the modern and traditional edition, distinguishing the building against its background and creating its individual style. Reliable finishing and high quality parameters are intrinsic features of the façade stone offered by TESM. The natural beauty of gneiss in the form of tiles is the perfect choice for your home.

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