Garden stone

Attractive garden stones can form an exceptional decoration of a private residence or green area in the public space.  With the satisfaction of our customers in mind, we offer high quality gneiss mined in the "Doboszowice I" mine which meets high standards and guidelines.


The uniqueness of gneiss makes it suitable both as road construction material and as stone for gardens. The crystalline structure and interesting cross-section of gneiss result in its decorative qualities.


The durability and weather resilience of gneiss  garden aggregates deserve attention, as well as their diversity - from fine mix (grit), stone bark, decorative rubble, foliated stone, to slate tiles and garden boulders.


The use of garden stone helps you achieve modern architectural solutions in the form of cascades and ponds, terraces, garden paths and alleys.  Gneiss, as a natural stone, goes well with the vegetation, and the resulting effect is unique.


The material is also used as gabion stone, used for reinforcing slopes, river banks and as an element of decorative fences.  Another use of gneiss decorative aggregates is alpine gardens.  The unique beauty, as well as the irregular shapes and sharp edges of  gneiss stones, make them perfect stones for an alpine flower bed inspired by natural mountain landscape.


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