Offer of garden decorative aggregates

Give a new dimension to your garden, using decorative aggregates from our abundant offer, available in attractive colours and varied granularity. We offer first-class products, the quality and aesthetic look of which will delight everyone - from the smallest aggregates in the form of stone bark, through various types of tiles, to garden boulders.

Diversity of colours and irregularity determine the undisputed decorative value of gneiss and its broad scope of application. It is a material which unfailingly decorates the private and public space - gneissic decorative aggregates will work equally well in a small backyard garden and for arranging urban green areas, public parks and squares, gabions, garden ponds, alpine gardens, pathways, alleys etc.

Back to nature is not a temporary fashion, but a long-term trend. Garden aggregates are both an interesting decoration and eye-catching elements in a monotonous space, but they emphasize the natural beauty, perfectly matching with the greenery and multicoloured vegetation.

Our garden stone is a product for demanding customers and rewards them with maximum satisfaction. The unique gneiss structure gives creative freedom to all garden designers by providing a tool to create original solutions and impressive arrangements.

Garden decorative aggregates are widely represented in the TESM portfolio, so investors have a broad range of products to choose from. We hope our products will inspire you to create the garden of your dreams, where all will be able to experience the extraordinary beauty of nature and to enjoy unique arrangements.

Split tile, foliated

Split tile, grey

Offer, Pebbles

Stone bark 20-50 – rounded

Gneiss stone, grey 50-200 – rounded

Gabion foliated stone extra 100-200 – rounded

Gabion foliated stone extra 50-100 – rounded

Offer, Monoliths

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